In 2007, a small group of people began an intentional, collaborative experiment in open, transparent, and direct communication about your space program. Our goal was to enable your direct participation in exploring and contributing to NASA’s mission.

Many of us have since begun new adventures. This site will remain as an archive of the accomplishments of the openNASA experiment.

Nick Skytland

Women@NASA is a collection of 32 videos and essays from women across the agency who contribute to NASA’s mission in a variety of way. With the aim of illuminating the vibrant community of dedicated women workers who play a vital role at the agency, the site features stories of women overcoming almost every obstacle imaginable to pursue their dreams and make a difference in the world. In the future, we hope that the website will support a collaborative and supportive community of women at NASA, and serve as the hub of all activity related to women’s issues at the agency. In addition, we hope that these stories will inspire girls everywhere to reach for the stars, and explore the myriad of opportunities available to them through pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

The Women@NASA website was created in response to the Executive Order, signed March 11, 2009, establishing the White House Council on Women and Girls. Chaired by the heads of every agency and major White House office across the federal government, the Council aims to provide a coordinated federal response to issues that have a distinct impact on women and girls. Working across all executive departments and agencies, the Council reviews and recommends changes to policies that have a distinct impact on women in the workforce and assists in the development of legislative and policy proposals of special importance to women and girls.

The Women@NASA website was created by the NASA Open Government team in order to encourage transparency, participation, and collaboration and create a new level of openness and accountability at NASA. The Women@NASA project is the perfect opportunity to celebrate women from across the agency who contribute to NASA’s mission in many ways.